Top 200 hottest and most popular pornstars of year 2021

Here you will find the top 200 hottest pornstars of the year 2021. Just click on a thumbnail to view, if available, my favorite pictures of them. I hope you'll appreciate my fan collection.

For information, our rankings are based on the volume of searches or requests done through Google search engine (and I also used other different sources, such as, for instance, the 2021 AVN Awards results)

Top Hottest Pornstars
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Pornstars Rankings 2024

1) Listing the most popular pornstars on the planet

Using different sources including Freeones (most popular pornstars in the world during the last month or the last year), AVN Award nominees and winners of the last couple of years (categories New starlet, Female performer of the year, Actress, Supporting actress) and other websites.
AVN Award 2021 Freeones website

2) Volume of queries through Google

Using the google platform (unfortunately, you have to pay when you ask Google for more than 100 pieces of information per day), we don't monitor the number of results but the number of people who actually look for the expression composed of the name of the performer and the term "Pornstar"

Google platform

3) Et voilà!

Simple, unbiased and efficient method but feel free to contact me if there anything you think I could Improve because again it's experimental. Thank you